New Video Soon!

Me (Jackson) and my girlfriend (Hannah) hung out over winter break (yes we’re in a long distance relationship).  Being the video and photography nuts we are, I started working on a little edit of the adventures. I hope to have it up on this blog within a week. I won’t be able to work on it this weekend due to ARNG drills, but when I get it finished it’d be awesome if you’d give it a view!

Big Horn Sheep (goats!)

Boulder City Park:

We took a couple adventures to Boulder City, Nv when I (Jackson) went back to Vegas. There’s a little park by the highway that the bighorn sheep often go to graze. It’s a fun stop if you’re ever in the area or passing through.

Poetry: You Can’t Stop Me

I will play your doubts like music

through my speakers

as I leave you growing smaller and smaller

in the rear view mirror.


I have become stronger

than you have ever been,

and you can’t stop me now.

-December 2017

Mt. Charelston

Here’s to one of our last adventures together before Jack goes back to Texas on Saturday… We recently had a decent rainstorm in Las Vegas which brought snow to one of the most popular mountains here, called Mt. Charelston. So we decided to drive up there to check it out and enjoy the snow, since we only get to see it once a year– if we’re lucky.



A couple months ago when we went to Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV to go riding, we spotted a native tortoise. It was interesting because, having lived in this region for a while, I’ve only actually seen a wild tortoise once or twice. We named him Greenie, and he was kind enough to let us have a photoshoot featuring him before his trek back home.


(Edited photo).




Grand Canyon Railway

These photos are from our trip to Williams, AZ back on Christmas Eve. Williams is one of my most favorite places to travel to because I love the trains, the weather, and all of the cute shops. What made this adventure even better was the fact that it was Jack and I’s first road trip together! Even though it was very brief, we still had loads of fun and enjoyed our time together. I can’t wait for all the other adventures we’re going to have in the future. ♥


From our adventure to Sloan Preserve yesterday:

It was about 5 miles up and back on the trail that we took, and we jogged for a couple miles and had walked the rest. Not very much to see from where we took the pictures, but there were some places where we were able to see the strip and most of the Las Vegas Valley. It was pretty nice outside as well, not too hot and not too cold, which was a nice change for Vegas. Jack wants to bike the entire 14 miles before he goes back to Texas, so when that happens, be sure to check out that post as well. ♥


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